We all have different tastes in men, and that's fine.  But to me, this
is the handsomest man in the world.

I remember watching "The Carol Burnett Show" one night and just
before the closing musical number, which was a tribute to the
comics, she announced that plans were under way to produce
the most expensive movie ever made to date, "Superman".  I was
intrigued because I'd watched reruns of the '50's TV show as a
kid, as well as Saturday morning cartoons.  Months later, I read a
newspaper article about the movie and saw my first shot of
Christopher Reeve.  Months later I saw him on the cover of a
magazine, in full costume, pointing at the sky.  Even though it was
a blurry long shot, I could make out the squareness of his jaw, his
chest, his hair...with the little curl falling onto his forehead, and I
remember thinking, "Wow. He's handsome.  
Really handsome."  
When I saw "Superman", I thought, "
That's impossible.  Nobody
can really look like that."
 And yet there he was.

I almost couldn't bear to look at him.  By now I feel as though I've
studied his face; the jaw, the nose, the eyes, the chin.  There's
that ultra clean cut hairstyle that lends itself to being rugged and
casual when it's falling onto his forehead or combed perfectly with
that just out of the shower look.  No full, red, pouty lips here.  He
looks rugged, and strong, and just downright handsome.  Black
hair, blue eyes, six foot four....oh my gosh.

I don't think "cute" or "pretty apply here as they don't for Steve
Reeves, Clint Walker, or Mike Henry.  All these men are bigger
than life, icons of noble, masculinity in the flesh.  I knew that if I
ever drew the most beautiful man I could think of he would have a
face such as this, along with the qualities of the men
aforementioned.  And that's why David looks the way he does
Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent in Superman 2
Christopher Reeve as Richard Collier in Somewhere In Time
Christopher Reeve as Superman