I have vivid childhood memories of watching him on an episode
of "The Lucy Show."  The size of him and the manliness of him
fascinated me.  Standing six feet, six inches tall, with black hair,
piercing blue eyes, brawny muscles, he was a veritable sex god
even in a tuxedo.  How I wished he would take off his shirt.  And
then one day my wish was fulfilled when I saw one of his
movies, "The Night of the Grizzly."  I fell in love forever with the
square-jawed, clean cut, hairy-chested, tall, dark, and
handsome look.  I loved the way he combed his hair too; very
clean-cut...almost 50'style...a man's haircut, nothing foppish or
pretty.  Inevitably, a lock of it would fall onto his forehead.  I
always thought that looked so rakish and sexy.

Those few glimpses of Clint decades ago were enough to leave
a lasting impression.  He still enthralls me today because I
discovered his TV series "Cheyenne" on DVD.  Clint plays
Cheyenne Bodie, six and a half feet of cowboy brawn, courage,
and integrity.  He towers over his fellow actors and shirtless
scenes are common.  If that isn't enough, he posesses a deep,
velvety voice that resonates in that big chest of his.  The man is
a joy to watch, and listening to him makes me swoon.
A very young Clint Walker in an early episode of TV show Cheyenne
Beefcake image of shirtless Clint Walker
Clint Walker as Cheyenne Bodie from the TV show Cheyenne