Besides Hercules movies, I loved watching Tarzan movies.  I was always
admiring the physiques of the actors, but at the same time, I was quite a
critic, always noting what was lacking, even as a little kid.  Ron Ely was too
lanky.  Jock Mahoney was too skinny.  Johnny Weismuller was too flabby.  
Buster Crabbe had a big nose.  In my  mind, Tarzan should be a noble
savage, but also a walking work of unbridled example of the male
animal.  My favorite Tarzan was Mike Henry.

He started out as an athlete, playing football for the Los Angeles Rams.  
When I was a teenager, I came across a book entitled, "Tarzan In The
Movies."  It had a chapter devoted to each actor who had portrayed Tarzan
up to the late 1960's.  Mike's chapter began with the full body shot above
and the title, "BODY BY MICHELANGELO".  He was the most handsome,
studly man to ever wear a loincloth in my opinion.

Mikes ears stick out just a tiny bit.  Not quite as much as Clark Gable's
Dumbo ears, but I think that feature is really kind of endearing as well as
sexy.  One of the things that always fascinated me, and one of the things
mentioned more than once in the "Tarzan In The Movies" book, was how
small Mike's loincloth was compared to those of all the other Tarzan's to
date.  I loved that loincloth.

It always seemed to me that if he bent over, or lifted his leg, you might see
something that you don't see everyday; Just watching him move in that
loincloth was hypnotizing.
Full body beefcake image of hunky Mike Henry as Tarzan
Head shot of Mike Henry
Beefcake image of hunky Mike Henry as Tarzan