Lots of people have asked me how I designed David, or they assume they
know who he's modeled after.  He's actually a combination of many men
I've admired since I was a boy.

Steve Reeves was the quintessential Hercules.  I always loved watching
Hercules movies as a kid, but Steve in particular left me breathless before
I even could understand why.  He was amazingly handsome, and he had
that dark hair with blue eyes combination that I always thought was more
exotic than the standard blond, blue-eyed look.  His proportions are
legendary in the bodybuilding world; very wide shoulders coupled with a
small waist, narrow hips, and arms and legs that were neither too long or
too thick for his body.  There are certain closeup shots in some of his films
that just amaze me.  He's so handsome, it almost doesn't seem possible.
 For a cartoon or a doll, yes.  For a man of flesh and blood, no.  It's as
though someone brought an almost ridiculously idealized statue to life.  
almost impossible.

David's proportions are inspired by Steve's famous symmetry, but they're
also determined by a host of mathematical formulas that establish height
and width ratios for his body as a whole, and even for individual body parts.
Portrait of 1950's bodybuiler Steve Reeves as Hercules
Bodybuilder Steve Reeves as Hercules in chains from Hercules Unchained
Young, handsome bodybuilder Steve Reeves