Is David gay?


Is David supposed to be the Man Of Steel?

You mean Superman?  No.  "ManOfSteel" is my nickname.  However, coincidentally, one
of the  men who inspired David's appearance was Christopher Reeve who was probably
most famous for playing Superman, sometimes known as the Man Of Steel.

Why did you name him David?

I named him after my favorite statue, Gianlorenzo Bernini's statue of David.

What computer programs do you use?

Poser 7, Bryce 4, 5, and 6, Photoshop CS3, UV Mapper Pro, Vue 7 Studio Pro, and
various utility programs for Poser.

How long have you been making images with David?

I began designing David in June of 2002.  The first image of David was posted on the
internet on the evening of August 26, 2002.

So it took you three months to design David?

It took me three months to make the first version of David.  I thought I was done when I
posted the first picture of him, but I continue to make changes and improvements on him
and other characters as well.

Are you ever going to make David available for other people to use in their computer

I have no plans to make David available at this time.  That's part of what makes him extra
special.  Just like a real person, there's only one of him in the whole world, and there's
no way for anyone to figure out how to duplicate him exactly.

How big is David supposed to be?

In relation to everything around him, he would be six feet six inches tall.  It took me a
while to find a way to accurately calculate his weight, but by extrapolating on the volume,
weights, and measurements of the largest professional bodybuilders, we can safely say
that David weighs about 375 pounds.