In the interview, why do you refer to some of the images of David by number?  Like
"David 63" or "David 59"?

Because I didn't think David would be so popular so I gave the first images no titles.  I
just called them David 1, David 2, David 3, and David 4.  After that, I just continued
naming them in numerical order.

Do I have to pay to see the images of David at Renderotica?

All the galleries at Renderotica are free, except for the Premier Gallery.  The majority of
my work goes into the Premier Gallery to support the site, but I still post new images in
the free Main Gallery from time to time, so there will always be new free stuff to see.

Can I save copies of your artwork?

All my artwork is copyrighted which means that only I have the right to copy it.  However, I
give you permission to download a copy for your own, private, personal enjoyment.  You
shouldn't print, copy, or display my artwork anywhere else without my permission.

But you don't have the copyright symbol on all of your artwork.

You don't have to put the copyright symbol on artwork for it to be copyrighted.  And most
of my work does have it.  Right under "Man Of Steel" you'll see "Copyright Lumiere

What if I use your artwork without your permission?

I can have it removed.  And I can sue you.  In order to sue for copyright infringement, the
work in question has to be registered with the copyright office.  David was registered as
an ongoing work with the United States Copyright Office on March 27, 2007.

If I ask to show some of your artwork on my website, will you let me?

If you try to do so without my permission, no.  If you ask first, maybe.  It depends.  Some
images can only be shown at Renderotica.  But there are people who have asked and
use some of my artwork on their websites.

What if I take one of your images and alter it.  Does that make it mine?

No.  Even if you give me credit for it.  According to law, if I can recognize it as a work
derived from mine, you own it, but I own the permission you have to get to show it