GayPoserArt interview with David's creator ManOfSteel January 2004
How did you get started in Poser?  
And what were you trying to achieve
with it?  Poser has come a long way
from being merely an artist's
reference.  It has now become a
tool that a 3D artist can use as a
means to create pure 3D art.

I first saw the Poser program in a
software catalog.  I was just about to
head out the door to order it when I
pulled the latest catalog out of my
mailbox and found that version 2 had
just been released.  I had been
drawing since I was a teenager, and
my landscape and architectural
sketches were good, but a lot can be
calculated mathematically in scenes
like those.  The human figure was
much more of a challenge. So the
advertisement for Poser looked very
intriguing.   When I installed it, I was
underwhelmed.  I wanted to do big,
muscular men, and Poser 2's figures
were merely mannequins.  The
program sat on my hard drive for
years, and I continued to sketch
clipping thousands of pictures from
magazines, calendars, and photo
studios for reference.  I'd been
bodybuilding since I was 18, and the
knowledge of muscles and anatomy
was invaluable in helping my
sketches along, but they were never
what I wanted.  They were little more
than outlines.  Shading, lighting, and
just sensing something as three
dimensional eluded me.   I could see
and compose all that in my head, but
I couldn't transfer it to paper.